Upset? Only maybe!

The fairy tale continues as the real lions from the tiny nation of #Iceland have felled the #ThreeLions of #England as they dump them out of the #Euro2016 with a 2-1 win that no one thought possible. But should they have? Let’s be honest, this English side is over-rated, over-paid, over-hyped and poorly coached by the absolutely average #Hodgson.

Led by a slow captain well past his prime for both club and country in #WayneRooney, who can’t pass, dribble, score and takes any speed away from their build-up play and supported by a poor defense, including a keeper in #Hart who makes more mistakes than the average sunday school-league goalkeeper and poor team selection – the only spark that they had was the young #Rashford who had 3 minutes to show his precocious talent.

But enough about them. Let’s celebrate the bravehearts from Iceland, who are now in the quarters against hosts #France without even a 1st division championship in their home country. Amazeballs!

England’s really really bad week just got worse. What’s next? #Benitez as their next coach?

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Half Barca, half Atleti?

#Italia beat #Spain 2-0 in #Euro because they out-played, out-hustled & out-tactic(ed) them. The old ‘defensive Italy’ argument is getting stale! Let’s give #Conte and his wonderful and underrated #Azzurri kudos for what they’ve done. In his words ‘creating a team that is part #Barca and part #Atleti is not easy’ but based on today’s performance, he’s come pretty darn close to it from an organizational perspective. There are no real stars on this team but they work for their manager like their lives depend on it. The Spaniards could do well learning from them. #DeGea aside (without him, this scoreline would have looked utterly embarrassing) all their big name stars either went missing or were rendered impotent by the discipline and tactics of the Italians.

Oh. And you can imagine the ‘blue’ team back in London getting rather excited for their new coach in the #EPL next season!

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Oh, Lionel..

I know this hurts. Really really badly. That’s 4 finals you’ve lost now. But you are still 29 and you have a great opportunity to do this right at the next #WorldCup and the next #CopaAmerica. This decision to quit from International Soccer seems like one you should have made in a few weeks and if you still feel like you do after yet another penalty shoot-out loss to reigning Copa champs #Chile, then quit by all means.

Just saying.


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