£54 million in savings to boot

If you saw #Chelsea dominate 10-man #ManchesterUnited in their narrow 1-0 #FACup win to go through to the semi-final where they play #Tottenham, you likely also saw the best player in the #EPL from this and last season, the midfield machine that is #NgoloKante completely dominate the United midfield, especially one #PaulLabilePogba.

United have regressed over the past few months, after a period of much progress, that saw them go unbeaten for a long period and string together a series of impressive wins. Even their draws were dominant. All that seems to have disappeared and their #EFLCup win was lucky, to say the least. They’ve looked pedestrian in their last 3 games – a 1-1 at #OldTrafford to #Bournemouth, a 1-1 away in the #Europa at #Rostov (yeah, yeah the pitch was garbage) and this 0-1 loss to Chelsea to end their defense of the FA Cup.

Look at the stats in the image though – it tells you so much of the story. The #SpecialOne ain’t the most #ExpensiveOne – he’s actually the diminutive frenchman who’s taking his second blue side to an EPL title in consecutive years. Brilliant!

5 thoughts on “£54 million in savings to boot

  1. I disagree bro….Kante is good but still relatively unknown…his going will be much tougher next season….Pogba is class but everyone needs to let him play and not obsess about the no of goals he scores…. both teams Kante has played for were performing out of their skins but Pogba is not having same class of team mates…

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