A giant stumbles it’s way back to the top?

With #Liverpool dropping 2 points in a 1-1 draw to Champions #Chelsea, the labored 1-2 win away at #CrystalPalace (thanks largely to the brilliance of #DeGea in goal) means that #ManchesterUnited will all but clinch that final #ChampionsLeague spot and meet their main goal for this season. For the many that dislike the Red Devils, this is bad news. Armed with the riches that will now be at their disposal this transfer season and with elite European Football back at Old Trafford, expect to see 3 or so big stars joining this side, which has been a WIP for #LVG and as labored and toothless as they’ve been at times this season, they’ve shown signs of what this team can become, given the time and new resources, especially in that rubbish defense. #ManchesterCity seem to have some mojo back after crushing now relegated #QPR 6-0, just as rumors of one #JosepGuardiola making his way to them this summer seem to have made the rounds yesterday, especially after mighty #Bayern are looking anything but, with a 4th straight loss in all competitions!

The #LaLiga crown looks like it’s headed back to the Catalan Giants after their 2-0 win over #Moyes’ #RealSociedad was followed by #RealMadrid drawing 2-2 at home to #Valencia (A missed penalty by their talisman #Ronaldo and another frustrated #Bale performance could well cost them a chance at the title and unless they win the Champions League again, trigger happy Real might well bid farewell to #Carlo and Guten Tag to #JurgenKlopp) A much deserved domestic and ChampionsLeague double looks ever so likely for #Barcelona this season!

#PSG all but retained their crown in France as #Lyon were beaten 3-0 by #Caen and the 6 point difference with 2 games left to play with a 7-goal cushion in hand means that the Parisiens will win yet another #LigueA title and will focus now on adding to their team this summer for a more concerted Champions League challenge, perhaps with #Klopp or #Pep or #Pellegrini as their coach?

#Inter may have left their resurgence a little too late as a wonderful away win at #Lazio sees them 3 points off the #Europa qualification spots. But this trend certainly looks promising for them and #Mancini might bring them back to the elites in the next year or two if finances can be made available to him.

6 thoughts on “A giant stumbles it’s way back to the top?

  1. Pls say that the run of the decisions was against them too….they got a penalty which never was and were let off for a penalty which was…..of course they go through ……same old same old…..

  2. Oh come now. The penalty was obvious. Every match commentator said exactly the same thing. The ball hit his bicep as he was leaning towards it, rather than turning away or moving his arm away.
    If all you took from this week was that ‘it’s same old same old’ then it explains exactly why your Liverpool are such a spent force in English Football. It has nothing to do with decisions going against you or for others, it’s a massive internal problem your club have and buying rubbish like Balotelli just aggravate it…

  3. I heard different from the commentators…..yeah Bolatelli is a failure but then for every Bolatelli there is a Falcao…..:):)….. Too early to talk about spent forces though….the spine is there…. 2 goal scorers….we should be there next season…..everyone has broken in now……not that massive a problem…… 4 and 5 in table so not that big a gap to call one rank lower a spent force…..

  4. Au contraire, my friend, the chance was last year, now it’s toast. Chelsea are super strong as we’ve seen and Mourinho is smarter than most, he’ll add 1-2 top players to this superb side and make them even better; Arsenal always remain in the mix even if they can’t go all the way; City will undergo a major revamp, including rumors of the likes of Pogba coming their way and finally, as I said in the post, you can expect a very good United next season – they will get their defensive issues fixed this summer and that will make them a title challenger. Without CL, I don’t see Liverpool being able to bring top talent into the team and as they stand right now, they will compete with Spurs, Southampton and the likes for Europa at best. I felt really bad for you guys last season because it was that one chance you had to win a title – with Chelsea evolving, the Moyes debacle at United and Arsenal so inconsistent.

  5. On your little Falcao dig: He’s clearly had a poor season at United and you can see he isn’t back to full fitness and the sharpness he had at Atletico. But he wasn’t a debacle because he is not at all disruptive to the dressing room nor is he negative to the image of the team; Balotelli is both, in spades.

  6. My friend….lack of champions league is what helped United this year……next year will be same old same old ….btw….where did u read about Bolatelli disrupting anything in Liverpool ….next year will be very surprising …..hopefully United will progress a little further in domestic cups also….will see how that goes along….do remember we had 2 cup semis also……champions league also… Without champions league and with it ….2 very different cases…. Let’s see how strong United can get…. As for Chelsea it will be CL next year….city…. One Pogba will not be enuf…what with 5-6 Players getting old…we shall see…. I think next year it will all be on the line again…all we need is 2 strikers….. And they will come…..I think a striker with 10 goals only could have got CL again….pls remember there is financial fair play so no indiscriminate buying like the past….about Falcao, United r not set up for him….he will never thrive there…..it’s been 2 seasons since he showed his prowess..

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