A good ‘ol Catalan spanking!

#Barcelona are on a different planet right now. They’ve been decimating their hapless #LaLiga victims game after game and most expected them to do well against a #Bayern side that hasn’t played well in a very long time – that they’ve practically won the #Bundesliga is more a reflection on the quality (or lack thereof) in Germany right now and not validation of a team that has actually regressed under #Pep since their treble-winning season of 2013. But a convincing 3-0 win for the Catalan giants at home has all but settled this semi-final and it will require an exceptionally rubbish performance from them in Munich next week  to not make the final. And things would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the goalkeeping brilliance of #Neuer who saved die Roten from losing this one by 5 or 6, making for a depressing return to the #NouCamp for one of Barca’s favorite sons.

#LionelMessi is pure genius and is back to his best and he showed exactly why, as he scored 2 delightful goals to take his #ChampionsLeague total to 77 goals and 1 past #CristianoRonaldo, who got to 76 yesterday.

Bayern Munich have been devastating in the past with high tempo, high pressing and super fast transitions. The Pep way isn’t in their core DNA and you can see them struggle (sure, they have some of their stars injured) in what seems like split personality – playing the way they know and playing the way their coach is used to. But even in their defeat (and what seems like a guaranteed exit now) they didn’t park the bus in Barcelona. One #JoseMourinho will argue that they did wrong by themselves and the Club. The neutral spectator though, is very grateful, because they didn’t play it like an away game and it was one of the best CL games in a long time. So there’s atleast that 🙂

A second all-Spanish final could well be on the cards.

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