Heart trumps hype!

The other fairytale in this #Euro2016 besides the wonderful #Iceland has been the #Wales side that against all expectations is now in the semi-final after comprehensively beating favorites #Belgium 3-1 on a night that showed that heart, discipline and a captain and superstar in #GarethBale (who plays for his team rather than a team that seems to play for it’s superstar *cough* #Cristiano *cough* ) can overcome, quite easily, a team as full of superstars as the Belgians are.

The press will talk about a #GarethBale v #Ronaldo semi-final but the reality is that there will be 11 equals on the Welsh side fighting for each other. Brilliant!

3 thoughts on “Heart trumps hype!

  1. The wonderful trend in this year’s European Cup is that teams that infact are playing as teams are doing great; Wales, Island, and Italy are the best examples.. I really hope one of them goes all the way, in the same way Leicester did in EPL or Atletico Madrid almost did in CL..

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