Les Blues e Monsieur Fabulous

#Germany paid the price for being entirely impotent in the final 3rd, an issue they have dealt with for a while now, since the eventual departure of the uber-reliable #Klose, often guised by their brilliant midfield and their incredible spirit. After long periods of possession, coupled with chances that most top strikers would have taken, they were done in by just what they missed – a reliable and brilliant striker like #AntoineGriesmann, who’s 2 goals, including a great penalty after a rookie error by #Schweinsteiger, giving #France a deserved 2-0 over the Germans and a final against #Ronaldo and his #Portugal side.

Football is a funny game and often the best team doesn’t win. But you would have to put your money on this fabulous French side to win the #Euro2016.

8 thoughts on “Les Blues e Monsieur Fabulous

  1. If only Müller had showed up like he usually does for Bayern and Germany. His lack of goals sums up Die Mannschaft’s tournament. And the lack of a true #9 came back to bite them in the bum. Klose, where art thou?

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