Pepinho? Mourdiola?

Tetchy, sarcastic, under siege, blaming referees and hissing at the interviewer.

Classy, calm, smiling, humble, gracious to the opposition team and it’s manager.

When you read these 2 descriptions of an #EPL Manager, you probably went #PepGuardiola or even #Klopp to the latter and quite certainly #JoseMourinho to the former. You did, didn’t you? And if you did, you’d have good reason to based on history, even recent-ish history. But you’d be totally wrong. Wrong on both counts. Pep’s last few post-match interviews had begun to reveal a side of him we hadn’t really seen before – one under pressure from his team’s performances and dropping down the table in the type of league he’s never experienced before. It has been said time and again that the EPL is the most difficult in the world to play in and coach. And it’s showing in his answers to journalists. You just have to watch today’s post match interview by him to see just how strained this otherwise calm and collected guy is – blaming the referee, blaming the rules, hissing at the interviewer even though his 10-man #ManchesterCity side were able to beat a visiting #Burnley 2-1 thanks to goals by #Clichy (who?) and #Aguero.

Klopp too, seemed particularly peeved (by his high standards) at the tight schedule (playing 2 games in 48 hours) and a free-kick call against them, as his #Liverpool side dropped 2 critical points in their aim to stay on #Chelsea’s tail in a 2-2 draw at #Sunderland thanks to 2 penalties converted by #Defoe. He has a point – all 20 managers have said the same thing (except #Conte who’s Blues have a 4-day break before they play #Spurs on Wednesday) but all 20 teams have had to deal with this and many have come out unscathed. Liverpool must be especially peeved because this was the week they felt they could close the gap to Chelsea with their visit to the in-form #Tottenham anything but a sure 3-pointer. Instead the 6 point gap might well become 8 and they visit #OldTrafford next week. In current form, that is not going to be an easy 3 or even 1 point to earn.

On the flipside of the Pep/Klopp interviews was traditional offender, Jose Mourinho, who’s interviews more recently are gentle and thoughtful and gracious to his opponents and today was another one of those. His resurgent #ManchesterUnited side recorded their 6th win in a row, thanks to a lucky 0-2 win at 10-man #WestHam, thanks to goals by #Mata and #Ibra (who else?). United have had a lot of decisions go against them all season, including an incorrectly disallowed goal 2 days ago but lady luck seems to be evening things out a little bit because the direct red card awarded early in the game to #Feghouli was utterly harsh and was a yellow at most. The #Hammers still put on a spirited performance with 10 and the #RedDevils had the brilliant #DeGea to thank for keeping it 0-0 until #Mata’s opener and the 2nd by #Zlatan, which should have been called offside, finished the game off. The useless #Lingard and #Valencia are now in competition for the worst miss of the season, which you can watch here and brighten up your day with!

#Southampton continue their wretched form (and run) as they were thrashed 3-0 by an #Everton side that is starting to get their early-season groove back with goals from #Valencia #Baines and #Lukaku, while high-flying #WestBrom came from behind to beat #Hull 3-1. Champions #Leicester continued the weakest defense of a title by playing a lucky 0-0 draw at #Middlesborough, who should have had a clear penalty awarded to them.

#Arsenal play tomorrow as they fend off a United side that is now only 1 point behind them.

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  1. Great posting Amit ! I especially love the title and the pix. I don’t understand why Pep was so angry. His team won the match with 10 players, he should have celebrated!

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