Sack time at Arsenal

And it isn’t #Wenger who needs to go (he probably will and it won’t be undeserved) – it’s most of this gutless, spineless mediocre bunch of players that have done nothing but to embarrass themselves over the past month or so, losing games against opposition they should have beaten and getting absolutely hammered by opposition so far superior to them (*cough #BayernMunich cough*), that the outcome was never in question. The #WengerOUT #InWengerWeTrust debate will continue to rage amongst the #Arsenal faithful – the fans who want his head will point to #Leicester’s stunning reversal under caretaker boss #Shakespeare after winning their 4th on the trot today, winning at #WestHam 2-3; those supporting him will point to the struggles of #ManchesterUnited in their search for re-establishing themselves as the European powerhouse they were under their long-term manager #SirAlex, and the difficulty in finding someone to fill Arsene’s 20-year old shoes. Missing in this argument is just how utterly rubbish this Arsenal side can be. Sure, Wenger has been ‘out tactic-ed’  by his top 6 rivals and out muscled by the likes of #WestBrom, who beat them 3-1 at the #Hawthorns today, thanks to 3 set-pieces (the way the #Baggies score all their goals) but the way this team has capitulated over the past 2 months or so, there isn’t much poor Arsene can do on the field about. When (not If) they finish outside the top 4 this season, they will struggle to get back in and losing #AlexisSanchez and possibly, #MesutOzil will make any sort of recovery even harder. Just as the likes of #Everton continue their rapid rise into contention with yet another convincing win, a 4-0 thrashing of relegation-headed #HullCity.

At the opposite end of status and future prospects, London’s biggest club (yes, I know that hurts Gunners fans) #Chelsea and #EPL champions-elect now, showed just why they are the English powerhouse with a last gasp 1-2 win at #Stoke, in a difficult and tight game that lesser mortals would have dropped points in. But this #Conte managed side can dominate when on song and grind out results when not – you know, the stuff title-winning sides are made of. Kudos Blues. When you win this title, not one fair-minded human will begrudge you your victory. Not one. Not just in London but Arsenal aren’t even the biggest club in North-London anymore (yup, that hurts you Gunner-faithful again, but #Tottenham have surpassed you a few seasons ago already)

Wins for #Bournemouth against #Swansea (2-0); #Palace vs #Watford (1-0) and a boring-assed 0-0 draw between #Sunderland and #Burnley rounded off EPL Saturday.

Over in the #Bundesliga, #Dortmund moved within sniffing distance of 2nd place #RBLeipzig with a narrow 1-0 win against #Ingolstadt (a performance that would have given #Monaco a lot of hope for their QF #ChampionsLeague tie – as much as BVB are a threat in attack, their defending is shambolic. If the forwards at Ingolstadt hadn’t been utterly rubbish, they would have conceded about 5 goals. Monaco will score a 100 if they aren’t careful!) while Leipzig were hammered 3-0 at #WerderBremen.

And in the #LaLiga, #RealMadrid moved 5-points clear of #Barcelona after a 1-2 graft at #Bilbao, making #Barcelona’s slip up last week hurt them significantly in their bid to retain their title. After that amazing comeback against #PSG, it’s not surprising if the catalans are putting a greater price on the ChampionsLeague trophy over the LaLiga this year.

2 thoughts on “Sack time at Arsenal

  1. Sigh… to sack or not to sack. It’s a real dilemma. Apparently Arsenal will hire a new sporting director to lighten Arsene’s work load (or rather to lessen his power at Arsenal)which might not be a bad middle ground?

    1. What it helps with is recruitment. In theory, a powerful SD can run the scouting network, confer with the coach in terms of ‘holes’ in the squad and then do what’s necessary with the money people to bring the right talent in. Remember that long list of ‘Wenger was trying to get superstars who went to every other club but Arsenal’?
      But that’s not the kind of ship Wenger chooses to run. He isn’t just the head coach. He’s the manager. SAF in his last 10 years or so had transitioned to just being the manager. He had left coaching to his assistants and focused on operations, leadership, direction and morale-management. I’m not so sure with Wenger. And if he doesn’t renew his contract, the chances of getting a top-level coach have dwindled even further. Especially with a CL spot looking less likely every day.

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