Same same but different!

The #ChampionsLeague quarter-final draw is out this morning and the matchups could not be more interesting and more appropriately matched.

3 outright favorites will definitely be whittled down to 2 at the maximum with #BayernMunich taking on holders #RealMadrid in a match up of #Ancelotti and his favorite disciple #Zidane, both coming off the experience of recent titles with Real. Both these sides are quite similar in the way they are setup and boast solid, consistent defenses, powerful midfields and lethal attacks. This will be a low-scoring cagey set of ties, with the possibility of the away goal rule deciding the one that goes through. Definitely not the tie that either of the teams would have been hoping for.

After #Barcelona’s incredible 6-1 last gasp miracle win against #PSG, they will go up against one of the most consistent and solid teams in Europe, #Juventus, a repeat of the 2015 final that the Catalans won. Juve are a side that rarely concede goals but also have goals in them thanks to their potent Argentine strike force of #Dybala and #Higuain. Barca are a side that concede a lot of goals, it seems, but my gosh golly can they ever score a busload. However, if they falter away in Turin like they did in Paris, there won’t be a mushy scatter-brained defense for them to plunder – the #OldLady will be very hard to break down.

Perennial semi-finalists #AtleticoMadrid are the hardest of the teams for #Leicester to have been matched up with. Their style of play and their compactness in defense do not lend well to the rapid counter-attacking ‘smash and grab’ approach that Leicester won their 2016 #EPL title on. They will find instead an unbelieveably well-drilled defense that keeps it’s structure at all times, combined with the goal-scoring capabilities of #Griezmann #Saul and company extremely hard to contain. This one has an outright favorite and it ain’t the #Foxes.

The funnest tie, by a country mile, has to be the #Dortmund vs #Monaco matchup. A baseball scoreline at the end of both fixtures won’t be surprising at all. 2 teams that do very little on the football pitch other than score goals, makes for a mouth-watering tie for the neutrals. This one will come down to how disciplined #BVB can be at Dortmund. If they can keep the young stars of the Principality from scoring (a few) in Germany, they might just be able to do enough on the Riviera to go through. But you’d be hard pressed to put your money on it!

Over in the #EuropaLeague, or as #ManchesterUnited supporters call it ‘The only way left to get back into the Champions League’, the #RedDevils will play #Anderlecht, a team they should get by quite easily on paper. And if that is what #Mourinho and his ‘tired’ stars believe, the can expect a rude surprise. If #Zlatan and #Mhkitaryan stay fit, they’ll get by, just about.


  1. Bayern – Real : ugh. This is a 50:50. Away goals decide.
  2. Juventus – Barcelona : Barca scrape through.
  3. Atletico – Leicester : Atleti, easily.
  4. Dortmund – Monaco : BVB, by a hair.

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  1. Hey Amit, my local AYSO league is looking for a PT journalist to capture the best moments for the team websites. Mind if I send your name in? I think they pay 20/ article.

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