#WC2014: Even he couldn’t keep Argentina from the semis!

A battling #Belgium, especially in the last quarter of the game and the brilliance of the best world-keeper in the world currently, #Courtois could not keep #Argentina from going through to the semi-finals of the #WorldCup. With #Brazil and #Germany already through, if the Dutch can get past the #CostaRicans, the semi line up will look like this: Brazil vs Germany and Argentina vs #Netherlands – say what you will, on paper, that’s an incredible match-up. At the start of #Brazil2014, Brazil vs Germany and Argentina vs #Spain/Holland would probably have been top 4 for most.

The margins for the games between the last 8 have been so close – 1-0 wins show just how close the top teams are to each other. Anyone could win on any given day. That’s what’s oh-so-cool about the beautiful game!

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