#WC2014: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Yes, the final scoreline of 7-1 will go down in the annals of #WorldCup history as one of the most amazing results to have been played out in a semi-final, that too between two powerhouses of World Football, #Brazil and #Germany but scoreline aside (sure, that’s a hard ‘aside’) no one should truly be surprised that this Brazilian side lost – and lost rather easily to the first side of genuine Champion quality. (Well, aside from Colombia and there are few non-Brazilians who would argue that they didn’t deserve to beat the Colombians either and many who now wish they hadn’t!) They have been lucky throughout the tournament and have had dollops of help along the way with many refereeing decisions in their favor. But you could see the lack of balance and quality from that first game against #Croatia and #Neymar or no Neymar, #Silva or no Silva, the Germans (who seem to be peaking at the right time) were going to waltz their way into the Finals, not because they are playing unbelievably well, or because they now have the highest scorer in World Cups in #Klose but largely because this Brazilian team is mediocre at best and poor at most other times. From pre-tournament favorites in their home country to a side that shouldn’t have been playing today’s game, Hans Christian Anderson would agree, the Emperor truly has no clothes! The Germans on the other hand now have recent history on their side – This is almost the same team that thrashed #Barcelona in the semi-finals of the #ChampionsLeague2013 with a similar scoreline and went on to beat a close neighbor (#Dortmund) in a super close tie in the final. The only difference then, #ArjenRobben was on the German side!  If the Dutch can find their way past #Messi and his 10 supporting staff, we’ll get to see 2 great football rivalries between the European superpowers for the title and the South American enemies for 3rd place!

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