#WC2014: Ticos finally felled

In the end, it took penalties for the #Oranje to finally breach the goal of #Navas and the battling #Ticos but this was one of those times where penalties ended up picking the right winner. The Dutch were superior to #CostaRica for a vast majority of 120 minutes and had it not been for the goal post/cross bar, some lion-hearted defending and the brilliant goalkeeping of Navas (he’s got to be on his way to a bigger European club), penalties wouldn’t have come into play. When they did though, 3 things really stood out: 1. #LVG’s decision to bring #TimKrul on in the last minute of extra time as his specialist penalty-saving goalkeeper (he guessed right most of the time); 2. The 4 penalties taken by #RVP, #Robben, #Sneijder and #Kuyt were near perfect and 3. When the last Tico put the ball down on the spot, his hands were shaking – a sure shot sign that he’s missing it and he did.

We are all set for 2 huge semi-finals: #Brazil vs #Germany and #Argentina vs #Netherlands – 200million Brazilians are praying for only 2 things in this order: that Argentina do not win #WorldCup in Brazil (heaven forbid) and that Brazil do win the whole shebang. We are a week from finding out!

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