#WC2014: Weltmeister – fully deserved!

Much like the last World Cup, the best team of the tournament won. #Germany proved throughout #WC2014 that they were the most consistent team that played entertaining football and scored a lot of goals. Today’s finale had no goals for 116 minutes but very few of them were boring or laborious in any way. It was a very fun 0-0 to watch, until #Goetze scored that peach of a goal to give #Nationalelf their 4th #WorldCup! For 116 minutes, Germany dominated possession and played some fun intricate football, while #Argentina sat back and defended and played some attractive counter-attacking football. #Higuain’s stunning miss from a shocking back pass from #Kroos cost Argentina the finale. He should be kicking himself now. #Messi had a good game in general but did not deserve the Player of the tournament award. That should have gone to #ArjenRobben – frustrating as his theatrics are, he’s been the best player this entire World Cup. For now though, the experience of celebrating the Weltmeister with thousands of German fans on the main streets of #Munich has been an experience like no other!

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