#WC2014: When penalties knock out the better team

After yesterday’s stunning entertainment, both #Netherlands and #Argentina served up a ho-hum 120 minutes that failed to entertain anywhere near what #Germany did to #Brazil (or what Brazil did to themselves). But in what was a relatively mediocre game, the Dutch were definitely the better of the two teams and seemed to be playing a lot more than the very poor Argentinians, who should consider themselves very very lucky to have won on penalties, a game that they should have lost, based on their performance today. But that is football. If they have any hopes of getting past the now-peaking Mannschaft, they will need to up their game about 4 levels or the #WorldCup #Brazil2014 is going to #Deutschland in a hurry! From what we’ve seen, #Messi and co just don’t have the right balance to beat the Germans – for now.



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