#WC2014: With a little help from my friends..

The game was ill-tempered and laced with more South-American theatrics rather than the incredible skill we have come to expect from these teams and in the end, #Brazil snuck past #Colombia with the help of some terribly one-sided refereeing, so blatant at times that even hardcore supporters of the #Seleção were left to sigh more than a few times at the calls being made in their favor, none more decisive than the non-existent free-kick (#CristianoRonaldo would have been proud of that dipping beauty from #DavidLuiz) that made it 2-0 for Brazil.

A mouth watering semi-final against #Germany is going to be made even harder for the Brazilians with #Neymar reportedly out with a back injury and #Silva suspended for one game (yellow accumulation).

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