Who’s cockier now?

A near perfect campaign by #Chelsea came to it’s near perfect end today as a slim 1-0 win (thank to another goal by PFA Player of the Year winner #EdenHazard) over #CrystalPalace won #Mourinho and his very brave men, the #EPL title for the 2014-2015 season. That they deserved to win it is absolutely undisputed – they were the best balanced side in the Premiership this season by a country mile, right from day of the transfer season, where they wrapped up their business quickly, thoughtfully, astutely and with genuine purpose (and profit – the first title winning team to actually make money in the transfer season) to the way they attacked in the first half of the season while #Costa was fit and #Fabregas was at full tilt, the way Hazard dominated teams all through the season, #Matic’s brilliant midfield enforcement, the way #JohnTerry was a colossus in the back through each and every game and marshaled his incredible back-line of #Ivanovic #Cahill #Azpilicueta and the young #Zouma and finally the way Mourinho managed his team, demolished certain opponents and parked the bus (much to the neutral’s chagrin) against others to grind out results when his team deserved to lose – they just got ‘almost’ (their #ChampionsLeague loss to #PSG) everything right and as much as they are often terribly frustrating to watch and genuinely hard to love, they deserve every bit of this title win, their first since 2010. What this does though, as was evident in Jose’s post match interview where he spoke about just how incredibly great he is because unlike other managers he goes to difficult leagues and wins titles (or something to that effect), is that it makes him even more cocky and arrogant than before (and most would say that is not possible). Much like good ‘ol #Floyd, who now believes he is greater than even he thought he was (!) after his convincing 12-round win over a confused (he thought he was winning, so he let off?) #Manny.

Speaking of giant egos, #LVG and his #ManchesterUnited side on the other hand are once again headed in the wrong direction after a 3rd straight defeat, this time to lowly #WestBrom at #OldTrafford in a game that the Red Devils again dominated but didn’t look like they could score (even from an #RVP penalty) at any time (they’ve gone 3 games without finding the back of the net) and look shorn and bereft of ideas. Playing #RVP as a midfielder (really??) and #Fellaini as the only striker, to the absolute rubbish football that #DiMaria is now peddling, this side will be lucky to cling onto 4th, with #Liverpool winning it’s game against #QPR and now just 4 points behind them. The battle for 2nd will go to the wire between #ManchesterCity (they won 0-1 against #Tottenham today) and #Arsenal who sit 3 points behind them but have 2 games in hand.

#BayernMunich’s preparation for their semi-final against #Barcelona continues to take a dive for the worse, after they were beaten 2-0 at #Leverkusen, while the catalans are just going from strength to strength after they destroyed #Cordoba 0-8 and have now scored 14 unanswered goals in their last 2 games! Unless something changes drastically, the Bavarians will feel much like they did last year at this stage at the hands of the other Spanish giants.

#Juventus finally completed their inevitable march to their 4th consecutive #Scudetto with a 0-1 win at #Sampdoria and now can focus their attention and energy (they’ll need all they can get) to their semi-final against #RealMadrid who kept within touching distance of #LaLiga leaders Barca with a hard fought 2-3 win away to #Sevilla thanks to yet another #CristianoRonaldo hat-trick!

9 thoughts on “Who’s cockier now?

  1. Great summary! Didn’t watch the United game, but why would LVG change his formation after struggling to find the right formation until a couple of weeks ago? Is he trying to be Pep :)?

  2. What strikes me is that all the leagues were able to determine their champions way before the last day of play – #kindaboring. However, agree that the CL could be very interesting finale to a no WC, no EUROCUP year!

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